Make life go clutter free with Lifehub

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We want our lives to be as comfortable as possible, and to achieve this sense we tend to gather a variety of gadgets around us without quite realizing the mess and disorder they cause around our homes, and in our lives. Every gadget we buy obviously takes its own amount of space in our homes, and the more the gadgets the lesser free space remains at our disposal. Lifehub, a brainchild of Lucid Design, is all set to change our lives by reducing the gadget clutter we face in our daily lives.

Lifehub is an eight-in-one concept. To start with, Lifehub is a watch. You can wear it around your wrist, and you can see time, read messages, listen to your favorite tracks, and check the weather status on the OLED screen. The device also works as a wallet, as it stores all the information regarding your debit and credit cards with a password protection.

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Lifehub also works a Smartphone, as you can unfold the bracelet into a candy bar that shows all the specifications in bold format and smart colors, quite like a Smartphone. Make calls, send messages, do video calls, download apps, e-mail, games, and every other thing that you do on your Smartphone. If you would like to listen to music, the device works great as a speaker.

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No need to buy separate headsets, as Lifehub also has headsets which work as microphone while snapped in, and they turn into nice headsets when snapped out. Lifehub has a cool ability to control motion in both flat and tilted position that makes it a good projector also. So, next time make use of Lifehub to make presentations.

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The side of Lifehub houses a password protected programmable key that also works as a data transfer device. Last but surely not the least, Lifehub is an ultimate companion that you can use to set alarms, use it as a notepad, play music, play games, and charge it using the charging pad.

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