Magic of the Verb helps in choreographing living spaces

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Most urban dwellers have to live in cramped living spaces, especially students. Young people live in shared apartments and divide the sum of rent among them for cost effectiveness. There is little free space in such shared apartments for elaborate furniture. They are unable to afford good quality furniture but for repose, work and amusement they need furniture that are modular in nature.

Multifunctional furniture is the order of the day because they save space and offer the flexibility that traditional furniture can never offer. Verb is an ultra modern, multifunctional piece of furniture that can be transformed into many different usable structures.

 VERB furniture design_7

Verb can be used as a prop for giving your cramped living space an organized structure. It efficiently choreographs the living spaces of urban dwellings to make them appear more vibrant and colorful. Verb is like a combination of different puzzle pieces. You just need to arrange the puzzle pieces carefully for solving the immediate room décor problem.

 VERB furniture design_6

Verb is capable of transforming its structure in an unbelievable manner to accommodate the requirements of the users. For example, if you need a table for studying with your friend then just making a few swift changes to the Verb will help you construct a sufficiently big study table for two.

 VERB furniture design_3

When you want to relax with a book but there are no divans around your home, then make changes to the form of Verb for constructing a nice head and neck rest so that you can lie on the ground to read books comfortably. You can also construct a bookcase, bench or lamp with the help of Verb. This piece of multifunctional furniture can also be used for making modern sculpture-like structures for giving your living space a distinctive personality.

VERB furniture design_9

VERB furniture design_5

VERB furniture design_4

VERB furniture design_1

VERB furniture design_2