Magic Cook is a portable cooker that moonlights as a cooler

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It is impossible to carry gas stoves, big pots and pans for cooking fresh food whenever you go outdoors. We all have to travel for work, education, and amusement. Cooking outdoors is never a convenient option but fresh and tasty food is a need that cannot be overlooked.

In office, schools, college or during trips the availability of safe, clean and fresh food becomes an important necessity. Magic Cook claims to solve the problem of outdoor cooking and keeping cooked foods fresh. At present, this amazing device is a Kickstarter project that will see manufacturing if the makers can raise $30,000.

 Magic Cook_portable cooker

There are two separate Magic Cook devices. One is used for solid food and another for water, soups and other beverages. This multifunctional cooking device can be used both as a portable oven and as a cooler. The Magic Cook lunch box has three separate layers. The outermost layer has been made with high quality plastic and the inner part is made of stainless steel.

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The stainless steel container holds the food and the Magic Pack is placed in the space between the two containers. The lid of the container has a durable and flexible hinge. For extra protection against leaks, the Magic Cook has an airtight silicone ring just beneath the lead. The stainless steel container can be removed according to requirement. The Magic Cook water bottle has the same features as the lunch box.

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Users will have to place the Magic Pack inside the plastic container and pour some water before placing the stainless steel container. Place food on the stainless steel container and shut the lead. Soon the pre-cooked, cold food will be sufficiently warmed for consumption. You can also use this device for cooling drinks and keeping food fresh while you are out of doors. For this, you will have to place ice pack or cubes inside the plastic container before placing the stainless steel container and shutting its lid.

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