Lockable and foldable ncycle e-bicycle concept

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Bicycle designers are busy in creating unique cycle concepts that are much different from the traditional bikes that people use. Technology has evolved, and with its transformation, a surge of change has touched every aspect of our life. The older designs maybe still useful but they are not capable of meeting the requirements of the changed lifestyle. The ncycle is a concept bicycle designed to offer far better flexibility and convenience to the riders. The ncycle designers have included some amazing new features like locking, folding and special pocket system. Bicycle thefts are on the rise and it is a common problem plaguing cyclists. The lockable ncycle is not easy to steal and can be parked anywhere.

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The curvy outer appearance of ncycle is breathtakingly stylish. Instead of combining different elements together, the designers of this concept bike have used a continuous curvaceous structure. This has enabled them to incorporate the features like the hidden pocket system. The handle bars of this bi-cycle doubles as a sturdy locking system. The unique loop-shaped locking system attached with the handlebars enhances the flexibility and ensures safety.

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The loop shaped locking system goes around most poles offering ease of parking to the users. The ncycle is an electronic bike that has a retractable “npocket” between two structural metal frames. Users can keep their note pads or books inside this pocket. When the npocket is empty, it appears invisible to the casual observer.

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Another amazing feature of this bicycle is nfold. This system ensures that riders can fold their bike in just a blink of the eye. To store the bike in small spaces one can fold it from the place between the npocket and the rider’s seat. The npower system inside the metal frame of the ncycle powers the rear wheel.

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A lithium battery powers the rear and front lights of the ncycle. The same battery also powers the wireless speakers in the front and enables the riders to charge their smart phones. The ncycle is a futuristic multifunctional bicycle concept that can help riders in many different ways.

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