Hangyhanger doubles as air freshener and triples as humidifier

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Wardrobe is indeed one of the most special and important places in any home. We do all sorts of things to keep our wardrobe clutter free and fresh, so that we get clothes on time and in a good condition whenever we want them. However, it is not all that easy to exploit the storage in our wardrobe to the fullest and to keep it fresh all the time, but if you get the hang of the Hangy, you can probably come over all these troubles for sure. Hangy is a stupendous design that is a brainchild of Min Sang Kim, a product designer based in New York.

Min Sang Kim is one such designer who is a keen observer and most of his designs are the outcomes of his observations. One such design that he came across is the wardrobe, wherein there are problems regarding storage and the freshness. Therefore, he has come up with a special design that he has named “Hangy.”

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Hangy is a hanger that has an exchangeable design, as in the users are supposed to change the capsule within the hanger according to the purpose they want the Hangy to solve for them. Hangy comes as a deodorant agent, air freshener, and as a humidifying agent, so it enables you to keep your wardrobe fresh, clean, and clutter free. If you bring this ultimate design into use, it will liberate you from the practice of keeping a bottle of air freshener, a humidifying product, and a deodorant in your wardrobe separately that takes quite a space in the wardrobe. By following a simple step method, you can put in a new capsule and take out the old one in order to keep your wardrobe fresh and clean always.

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