Gaming in telepresence with the Di-Dah-Dit concept

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Evolution does not happen in a day or an hour. The evolution of technology happens faster than natural evolution, but there are several steps that lead to the peak. Telepresence is a technology that helps us feel the presence of someone who is far away from us.

A great number of devices have been designed based on the ideas of this technology, and some of the facilities it has offered to us are endearing like video conferencing. While we are still far away from tangible telepresence, we can always imagine the awesomeness it could bring. Camille Morizot has dared to design a concept gaming device on the principle of telepresence. This gaming device concept has been named Di-Dah-Dit.

 Di-Dah-Dit concept_1

Di-Dah-Dit is a simple gaming device concept that requires two players to balance a single ball on two metal rails. The startling factor is that the players will be able to play remotely from a great distance using the telepresence technology. The game of balancing the ball can be played by facing each other but from two different places. Both players must have the Di-Dah-Dit device for this purpose. The actions of one player will be reflected in the movement of the ball, and imitated by the remote player.

 Di-Dah-Dit concept_2

Embedded LED lights help the players with a set of instructions and also ask them to start playing in an interactive manner. These lights also tell the players where they need to place the ball to start the game. The Arduino Board controls the virtual player’s movements and the servo inside the system manipulates the two metal bars so that the motion of the ball never stops.

 Di-Dah-Dit concept_3

The entire concept has been designed with a practical gaming functionality of telepresence in mind. The designer, Camille Morizot, has used visual feedback system to make it more user-friendly. Camille was helped by two tutors, Nicolas Nova and Etienne Mineur, in designing this concept device for his Media Design at HEAD master project 2014.

Di-Dah-Dit concept_4

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