Foldable bike concepts that rock the boat for conventional design

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Bikes are deemed as one of the most eco-friendly vehicles to get around. Bicycle designers are experimenting with new forms and technologies to make better bikes for the future. Traditional bicycles are flexible and don’t require any fuel for transportation, and can be stored easily, but a full size bike takes up quite a lot of space. Finding a safe place for parking is never easy for the owners.

Foldable bike concepts have emerged to solve issues like this. These are portable and easy to store or park as they can be folded and placed inside the boot of a car. Bike thefts are on the rise but if you have a foldable bike then it can be kept even inside the house closet. In the following 8 surprising bike concepts have been discussed.

 Gi Bike

The Gi Bike

The Gi Bike is an electric smart bike concept that seamlessly combines latest technology with a beautiful and flexible structure. Gi Bike does not weigh more than 7 kilos, and though it is made of good quality aluminum, it can be folded easily.

The futuristic looking bike has its personal app and USB port along with smart phone integration. The front wheel has a safety smart light and an anti-theft lock. The rear wheel also has an anti theft locking system. Just below the seat, there is an integrated assistive light. The smartphone integration lets the rider navigate way through GPS and control the features of the Gi Bike.

 MORI Folding Bike Concept_1

MORI Folding Bike Concept:

Janus Yuan has designed the MORI Foldable bike especially for women. In the US, the percentage of female urban bicycle riders is shockingly low. Women are not encouraged to use bikes though they are so eco-friendly and flexible. Yuan’s bike concept is aimed at making women choose bikes over other conventional modes of transport. The MORI bike is sustainable, smaller in size, and easy to fold. The riders can transform it into a trolley or a scoter through folding. These bikes can be customized through 3D printing.

 The Urban Folding Bike

The Urban Folding Bike

Most of the urban dwellers in the US and other developed countries drive themselves from one place to another. Very few use a carpool system for reducing the air pollution. To make transportation more flexible and eco-friendly for the urban dwellers the Urban Folding Bike concept has been designed. It is a full size bike for adults with 22-inch tires but it can be folded to fit cramped spaces like the boot of your car or to be placed by the side of your desk. The unique quick release and front hinge help in folding it.

 SPACE Folding Bicycle3

SPACE Folding Bicycle

This brand new foldable bike concept has been designed to offer protection against theft and flexibility of transportation in adverse circumstances like rain or storm. The designer has used 20-inch tires for preventing the bike from shaking. Folding can be done quickly in some simple steps. The saddle seat has to be slid and then the button should be pushed to fold the bike. By releasing the two wheels, you can unfold the bike swiftly.



The retro style leisure bike concept has been made unique by integrating an easy to fold system. The designer has chosen the high-wheeler bike model, which was hip during the Victorian era. There is a back support attached with the low saddle so that users are not troubled with backaches. With the help of the handlebars, you can fold the bike quickly without any difficulty.

 Zoomla Foldable Bike

Zoomla Foldable Bike

The Zoomla Foldable Bike has been designed to make daily commutation. It has a special Pedaldeck system which can be moved upwards or downwards for easy folding. The wheels are small and the designer is yet to integrate an electric assist system with the basic structure. Pedaling can be troublesome when you travel long distance without the electronic assistance system.



This is another smart and compact foldable bicycle concept that helps the riders maintain good posture. The front wheel drive system puts the body weight of the rider on the pelvis area instead of the legs and hands. The wheel-in-wheel folding system of Diamove lets the users fold it with one single swooping motion.


One Shot Folding Bicycle Concept

Many people commute to faraway offices by breaking the journey into two parts. Half of the way they go on the bike and the rest in some public transportation mode like train or bus. The One Shot uses fixed belt system for folding the bike into an easy to carry single column structure.

The foldable bike concepts are nearing perfection at a good pace. This type of bikes can solve a great number of commutation, storage, and safety issues.