Flip Reel – A resurgence of hand line fishing

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Flip Reel by Squidees_1

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Fishing is an adventure that many of us enjoy, and now there is Flip Reel to make our fishing experience even more adventurous. Flip Reel is a design created by Squiddies, which aims to come up with designs by using modern and latest technologies and to add more fun and comfort in various acts of adventure people indulge in.

Flip Reel is a rebirth of traditional and ancient methods of hand line fishing. Flip Reel makes you and your kids derive maximum pleasure out of your fishing experience, as it is too easy to use and very light and compact to carry along, which is in sheer contrast to the traditional expensive and huge fishing kits. You will get thrilled, as Flip Reel’s hand line enables you to get close and personal with the fish you are aiming at. Moreover, this device ensures safety while catch fishing owing to its ergonomic handle, which has a superb grip that gives you support and ease while some big fish gets on the line.

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Flip Reel is compact and portable, means it takes a little space in your car or boat. The device has a good storage, it stores a hook, line, and sinker perfectly inside. One more feature that makes Flip Reel a unique fishing equipment is the built in line cutter in the grip, it works as a great tool while fishing and you need not carry a separate tool along with you. Flip Reel is amazing fishing equipment that comes in multi colors for the ones who love fishing.

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