Festy Flat for the Festival Goers

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There is no dearth of young festival goers, be it a music festival or a small camping trip, many young people take such trips every year. Major requirements of such festivals are the tents or shelters which the festival goers need to buy on their own, which are either too expensive to be out of the reach of many people or they are cheap and cannot be reused, so the festival goers prefer to leave them on the site rather than taking them back along. As a result, the sights are getting dirtier and cluttered with left over shelters but not anymore. “Festy Flat” is a new generation festival house that has an easy to use design and is quite cheap to afford.

Developed by Daniel Brice, Joshua Owen, Evmen Wong, and Joe Gattas at the University of Queensland, the Festy Flat is a festival shelter made up of cardboard that will be a cheap and a recyclable product for the users. They can camp in this wonder tent, which is so easy to install and deflate and has a good enclosure that ensures it is dry and safe inside.

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You can use Festy Flat without any trouble during rains as well. The grid-shell sandwich panel design is what makes this cardboard design a waterproof design. The three layers, out of which the outer most layer is the sacrificial, the inner layer is insulated and dry, and the central layer holds the capacity of load-bearing.

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Festy Flat aims to liberate festival sights from the clutter that gets amassed at the end of an event. Festival goers can easily flat fold the Festy Flat at the end of a festival and the organizer can load them all and send them to a recycling plant to make them fit for a reuse. Festy Flat is going to be a lucrative addition to green products.