E-bike concept brakes the mold traditional bikes are expected to stay in

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Excessive air pollution due to fuel combustion has made it mandatory that we think seriously about using vehicles that do not use non-renewable fuel. Bikes are the most cost effective and eco-friendly options for this purpose. Auto designers from all around the world are trying to come up with bike designs that are more flexible and easy to maneuver.

The e-bike is a concept is eco-friendly, flexible, cost effective, and low maintenance all at the same time. The e-bike is small in proportion but anyone can easily maneuver it on the city streets. It does not require any combustible fuel and fit for eco-conscious riders who want to cut down their daily carbon footprint.

E-bike concept by Dieter Friedrich_1

The delicate yet compact design of the e-bike is eye-catching and neat. The bike has only one wheel. The sleek design has been created using one closed form. A ribbon like structure around the one wheel body of the bike varies in shape at particular points to provide footrest, back rest and handles. The wheel of the bike is hubless and futuristic. The designers have chosen to make the wheel rimless so that the riders can keep their small luggage inside. The minimalist design of the e-bike does not compromise with the comfort of the riders.

E-bike concept by Dieter Friedrich_2

The bike moves on the self-balancing principle. This means that the rider will have to move backwards or forwards for directing the motion of the bike. Acceleration and break are combined with the seat and depends on the forward or backward movement of the rider. Just like a flexible tripod, this e-bike can be rolled towards its steering so that you can park it with ease.

E-bike concept by Dieter Friedrich_3

Unlike other bikes, this one does not take much space for parking. The e-bike runs on a battery located underneath the seat. You can easily remove the seat to replace the battery. The designers have also designed a solar power charging station for charging the battery of the bike. This solar power station will be controlled by cell phone remote system.