Dog and Bone Shockproof charging case for the iPhone

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You can’t live even an hour without your iPhone, and constantly keeping your phone in use means you’re faced with a fast draining battery. There is nothing more troublesome and annoying than being unable to charge your iPhone while traveling or working in unfamiliar surroundings. You cannot always go looking for an electrical socket to get the iPhone charged, or carry chargers around. To do away with such inconveniences, the Australian gadget case maker Dog and Bone has created an amazing shockproof and wireless iPhone charging case.

The new iPhone charging case made by Dog and Bone offers an array of stunning features, easy handling norms, great protection against shocks and drops, along with flexibility of use. Dog and Bone’s shockproof charging case has been put through military grade tests. It stays intact even when dropped from a height of 1.22 meters and protects the iPhone too.

Dog and Bone Shockproof charging case for the iPhone_3

This case charges your iPhone’s battery through its technically evolved induction charge circuit. Despite of being wireless, this charging case claims to be capable of filling the battery juices faster than wired chargers. It has already received the formal approval of the Made for iPhone or MFi program launched by Apple.

 Dog and Bone Shockproof charging case for the iPhone

One of the impressive advantages of this iPhone charging case is that it does not interfere with the quality of sound or prevent the capacity of your iPhone 5S antenna receptors. The auxiliary micro USB of the charging case lets you use the iPhone in multiple ways without getting it out of the case.

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The Qi compatible charging case is durable, sleek and lightweight at the same time. With it, you get the chance to use the wireless charging module in different case bodies available in five different colors and three unique styles. The shock absorbing elastomeric exterior and Backbone wireless technology have made it a pretty good choice to consider.

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