Concept yacht Alen 55 combines old school charm with new age technology

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Yachts are generally luxurious and they are available in numerous stunning models. From time immemorial, yachts have been symbols of opulence. Modern technology has made them swifter and enhanced the levels of luxurious comfort available for the occupants. Allen Yacht is one of the most renowned yacht makers in business.

Recently, they have revealed a new concept named the Allen 55, which flaunts an eye-catching design and integrates ultra modern technology with old school charm. By marrying the old school design, reminiscent of 70s movies with aerospace technology, the makers have been able to attract the attention of the speculators.

 Concept yacht Alen 55

Allen 55 is a strongly built; the 55 feet tall yacht concept is attractive and luxurious. The designers have used teak and leather for instilling the old world effect into the appearance of the yacht. Despite of having a retro style appearance, it has brilliant technical features.

 Concept yacht Alen 55_3

The sturdy hull is endowed with a core made of Airex. This material is basically a special sort of thermoplastic foam which is generally used only in the railroad making and aerospace industries. Users can enter the inner sanctum through a gangway and they can go down into the water for a quick dip through the back staircase.

 Concept yacht Alen 55_8

The high bulwarks offer support and protection to the guests of the yacht. It also offers privacy for private parties. The 800 horsepower engines offer 35 mph speed for cruising in water. There is a spacious dining table for open air dining and accommodates eight people.

 Concept yacht Alen 55_2

The boat is perfect for five guests. Come September, the concept yacht will be displayed at the Canes Yachting Festival and at the Monaco Yacht Show. There is no word about availability of this luxury yacht and its price, though it is quite likely that interest in the concept might spark off the construction of a few pieces.

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Source: WIRED