Comfort in the portable and tiny Taku-Tanku house

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Space crunch and high cost of house building materials are backing the small, movable house designs that have become quite popular. Tiny and portable homes save space and offer the freedom of movement unlike traditional homes. Designers are focusing on making this kind of homes sustainable and trying to offer more value for money to the clients.

Taku-Tanku is a unique, portable house that offers flexibility, comfort and affordability at the same time. Takahiro Fukuda collaborated with Stereotank collaborated to create this tiny and amazing house. Taku-Tanku is a concept home designed for the Little House Competition of 2014 held in Japan’s Saitama. The low cost movable home has all the basic features essential for modern lifestyle.

 Taku-Tanku house_1

Despite of its small proportion, the Taku-Tanku house looks spacious from inside. It is lightweight and can be dragged from one place to another by a car or even bike. The makers believe that owners can also use a boat for transporting it to a new place. One of the best things about the Taku-Tanku house is its simple design which any layman can assemble within hours. Though the design is simple, it takes into consideration the requirements of the owners.

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Taku-Tanku is made with two 670-gallon water tanks and a wooden ring that holds the two water tanks together. The wooden ring also consists of an entrance door and a hatch window on the roof for ventilation. There is a small storage compartment where you can keep your essentials.

 Taku-Tanku house_3

Capable of accommodating three people, the mobile home sits on a sturdy two-wheeled trailer that helps it in moving, and transportation. The use of re-purposed and locally available materials has made the concept house more affordable for middle class people with moderate budget. Stereotank is currently trying to raise around $10,000 for making the first prototype of Taku-Tanku.

Source: gizmag