Cobra Lamp combines venomous beauty with practical design

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Cobra Lamp by Filippo Cima

Cobra Lamp by Filippo Cima_5 Now lamps are not just made to solve the purpose of lighting but also to add beauty to the décor of the place. One such lamp that is under construction is the Cobra Lamp. Filippo Cima, a designer based in Milan is the person who has come up with this unique and highly efficient idea of inventing a lamp that looks like a cobra. Made using carbon fiber, the Cobra Lamp is based on the shape of Naja Naja cobra snake. The lamp has its top shaped similarly like Naja Naja cobra’s hood. The wide top of the lamp is designed purposely, so that the lamp gets a bigger light surface. This means Cobra Lamp will give profuse light and add immense beauty to the décor altogether.

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Cobra Lamp by Filippo Cima_3

Apart from the wide top, the rest body of the lamp is thin that enables the lamp to take small space on the table or any other surface. Moreover, a green feature has been added to the design that undoubtedly adds more value to the whole concept. The green feature is the use of OLED technology for the lighting. OLED’s are made up of organic, self-conductive layers that emit light with the help of electricity. OLED’s are more efficient in terms of energy usage, making, and are much thinner than LED’s. Unlike LED’s, OLEDs do not require backlights and filters.

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The use of glass fiber makes Cobra Lamp beautiful to the core, and it will be an ideal addition to your home or office owing to its modern, unique design.