Charly – the wonder mug to enjoy your coffee

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Coffee is a drink that people love to have world over. It is one of the favorite pass times of many people. Sitting back and enjoying coffee is fun, and the fun gets even bigger if you get to have your favorite drink in a mug that has a special design. Normally, you need a coffee mug, a saucer, sugar bowl, a spoon, and a tray to make a cup of coffee for yourself, but not anymore, as Hurlu Design has come up with this spectacular coffee mug, which I am calling a wonder mug as it is something that will add convenience to your coffee drinking process.

Coming from the house of Hurlu Design, “Charly” is a wonder mug that has a unique design, as it is not just a mug but it comes with many other attachments like the saucer, stirrer, tray, and the grooves. Wow! It seems to be an all-in-one design. Actually, this cone shaped mug can be placed on a saucer, which is also a tray, and has three grooves to place your stirrer when not in use and the sugar sachets.

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Coming to the unique cone shape of the sipper, it is not only for the design but the cone shape has a particular purpose to solve. The purpose is to provide double wall heat preservation, this means you can sit back and enjoy conversing with your friends for long because your coffee will also remain hot for a long period owing to the cone shape of the mug. Moreover, while taking Charly from one place to another, you can ensure that the coffee does not spill because of the perfect design of the saucer that holds the mug firmly.

Charly coffee sipper

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One more feature that justifies the term wonder mug is the green nature of this design. It is green, as the material it is made up of is the recycled ceramic that makes the design sustainable to the core. The recycled ceramic has been given a cone shape and has been later painted to perfection.