Chairless chair is great for people who work standing up

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Workers of the production and manufacture departments have to work standing for several hours without break. This can be very difficult because continuous standing has the potential of causing severe leg and back pain. Bad posture during work leads to chronic joint pain. bclc keno winning numbers live

The workers definitely deserve better and more comfortable working conditions. Considering this, a small Zurich based startup noonee has launched a wonderful design named the Chairless Chair. This is actually a wearable gadget that does not take up space yet lets the wearer sit comfortably when their legs ache from standing

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Keith Gunura, the CEO and co-founder of noonee has designed the Chairless Chair that works like an exoskeleton. In his late teen years, Gunura had to work in a packaging factory where he had to stand for hours without any opportunity to sit. This made him think of a structured device that will let people sit in cramped space keno winning numbers bc.

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The chairless chair does not touch the ground and does not take up floor space. This device stays attached with the hip and thighs but does not restrict leg movements. There are straps to help in keeping the device fixed with the hips. It is tied with the help of belts around the thighs. The damper is capable of bearing the body weight when the wearer decides to sit keno winning numbers bc.

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Its alternative version can be worn with any shoe you choose to wear. According to Bryan Anastisiades, the co-founder and CTO of noonee, the Chairless Chair has not only been designed to help production and factory workers sit, but also to help them maintain good posture during work. Both BMW and Audi have shown interest in this product and they have decided to take the chair to trial soon

Source: CNN