Bicycle Concepts that deserve to hit the streets

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Innovation never ceases, and this holds true in the case of bicycles as well. The following list includes modern bicycle concepts that are so unique and efficient that you will be wonder struck. Have a look:

Air-Purifier Bike

The Air-Purifier Bike

Designed by a design consulting firm nestled in Bangkok, Lightfog, this is a superb concept wherein a high-tech bicycle besides riding purifies the air. This concept has been. The concept of a pollution-fighting bike has gained much popularity and has won a “concept award” in Singapore. This green concept is a sum total of an air-filter that monitors the pollutants in the air, a photosynthesis system along with a water tank that makes oxygen, an electric motor and a battery. While the bike is being ridden, the filter installed at the front of the bike filters the air and then let it pass towards cyclist. Even when the bike is parked, the air purifying function can still go on owing to the battery.

 DIY Concept Kit Bike by Lucid

DIY Concept Kit Bike

Such an amazing idea it is to have a bike that can be dismantled whenever required and can be packed in a bag like any other small product. This concept is a brainchild of Indian creative agency, Lucid Designs. The “Kit Bike” is made from hollow aluminum tubing that is extremely light in weight. Lockable turnkey enables pieces to hold together, and instead of chain, a belt has been used. High quality leather makes the seat and cork has been used for the grip. This is just a concept at the moment.

 Concept Bike for Running

Concept Bike for Running

Fliz is the 21st century concept bike that is a creation of German designers Tom Hambrock and Juri Spetter. It is bike without pedals, gears, and seat, which makes it a first bike that is not meant for riding but for running. Fliz is composed of a frame that is light in weight, two wheels like any other bike, and a harness in between the wheels to hang the user partially. Fliz is a velocipede concept that encourages a healthy and ecological mobility.

 Audi e-bike_1

The Audi e-bike

Audi e-bike is built on the principle of motor racing design, which enables the rider to rest tired legs and let the electric motor of the bike take charge; it can take the speed as high as 80Kmph. The bike has five modes to choose from, the pure mode, pedelec mode. eGrip mode, power wheelie and balanced wheelie mode. The body frame of the e-bike is made up of carbon fiber that just weighs 1,600 grams, and the wheels also made of carbon fiber weigh 600 grams. It also has front and rear lights and hydraulic disc brakes.

 CYCLE Designed by Yuwi Kim


Designed by Yuwi Kim, an Industrial designer from Korea, CYCLE is an exercise cycle, which is much more than just being a cycle as it also works as an air purifier. When not being used as a cycling machine, CYCLE purifies the air. And when you require it to work as a cycling machine, just press the button on top, the body frame, seat, and a paddle pops out. Paddling produces kinetic energy that is transformed into electric energy, which is used for air freshening.

 Tesla Electric Motorcycle Concept

Tesla Electric Motorcycle Concept

This Tesla motorcycle concept is eye-pleasing, minimalist in execution, and is very clean. As it is a Tesla product, it is all – electric. This particular concept is going to steal many hearts of the bikers who have a penchant for electric bikes.

 Space Roam Fixed Gear Bike

Space Roam Fixed Gear Bike

Space Roam is a concept put forward by designer Chen Hsin Lin. It is a bike that is stunning to look at and has a very unique and a useful design. The ultra streamlined frame made from liquid metal makes Space Roam ultra light in weight, the biker would feel as if they are riding it on moon.

 KZS Cycle

KZS Cycle

In his attempts to come with a minimalist cycle design, Hungarian designer Kiss Zsombor came up with this concept of KZS Cycle. The design has been created by combining 2D lines and 3D forms, along with unique components like phosphorescent rectangular frame and fork, saddle, pedals, and a wooden handlebar.