Being a couch potato becomes more comfortable with the comfort light concept

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Television is still an important part of the living room and it helps urban dwellers spend quality time with each other. Watching movies or television series in a dark room is relaxing but the light coming from the TV screen can be disruptive. As there are no other sources of light in a dark room, which is small or medium in proportion, the light of the TV hurts the eyes.

This happens because of the narrow angle of viewing within a comparatively smaller space. The idea of the Comfort Light has originated to provide a viable solution to this problem. This concept light design offers comfort to the eyes when you watch TV in a dark room.

 Comfort Light concept design by No Picnic_2

The Comfort Light is a concept design created by No Picnic. It is a stylish backlight that needs to be arranged behind the Television set. While designing this concept, the team gave ample thought and consideration to factors like the design of the light, the manner in which cable will be disposed, and where the light will be attached. They decided to use sleek LED strips for the backlight, as it is suitable for most living rooms and bedrooms. The LED strips are easy to mount on the back of the television set.

 Comfort Light concept design by No Picnic_33

The team tried a variety of remote control designs for changing the settings of the light. The remote control is touch sensitive. If you touch the place with color printed on it, then the circular swipe will change the color. For controlling the brightness and saturation, you need to swipe across the round remote vertically and horizontally respectively.

 Comfort Light concept design by No Picnic_3

When the TV is off, the settings of the light can be changed to make the decorative light create nice ambience in the room. After turning on the TV, you can adjust the light to match your comfort.

Comfort Light concept design by No Picnic_4

Comfort Light concept design by No Picnic_1