Apollo Clock adds a whole new look to your home décor

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Time doesn’t stop or turn back for anyone and that’s why measuring it is essential. In the very beginning of human civilization, rudimentary clocks were used for keeping a tab on passing time. Ancient scientists divided time in convenient and measurable units. Normally, clocks show time with the help of measurable units like hours, minutes and second.

A long time has passed and clocks are now a taken-for granted device and most of us fail to recognize their significance. They are still very relevant, both, as useful devices and home décor instruments for the modern world. The Apollo Clock has been designed in recognition of the importance of clocks in our life with utmost care and perfect precision.

 APOLLO clock_3

The clocks used in ancient times did not look anything close to the clocks of today. They did not only measure hours but also the lunar cycle, days and months. Technology was in its earliest form and calendars were also not available. Clocks provided information about passing time and helped in the calculation of years. Keeping all this in mind the Apollo Clock has been designed which is modern, with a sleek and interesting design.

 APOLLO clock_2

The beautiful design of this efficient clock makes it perfect for any living space. There are two hands, but unlike the traditional clocks, the hands they are disconnected. Despite of this modernistic change, the user will find no trouble in watching time. For a long time, making clocks smaller in size and wearable watches was a big trouble for designers. They have overcome multitudes of problems for making small and sleek designs of clocks functional. The Apollo clock does not have a frame. It looks like a small piece of art. The battery and other necessary parts are well hidden in the curves of the stylish clock.