Ally Lamp doubles as hand held torch

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Innovation never ceases and one such example of a superb innovative design is the Ally Lamp, which is designed to perfection. Credit for such a lovely innovation goes to Joshua Renouf, a professional product designer from London. He has come up with this amazing lamp that serves two purposes, as it works as a hand held torch and a table lamp altogether.

In his quest to come up with something that is innovative and can bring a sea change in existing standards and patterns of products, he came up with the Ally Lamp. It is a portable table light, which you can keep on a side table in your room and there it will work like a table lamp. The upper part is made up of wood, it works as a handle plus it houses the batteries as well. A metal lining forms the lower part of the lamp.

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The best part in this design is the resin base. It is a frosted resin base that performs two purposes. First, the resin base gives amazing glow when the Ally Lamp is being used as a table lamp. Second, the resin base works as a charger to juice up Ally Lamp. This way, Ally Lamp is an incredible design that serves two purposes altogether.

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