After Smartphones, now Smartshoes are on the way to bring a revolution

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The Vibrating Smartshoes 

This concept is a brainchild of an Indian startup, Ducere Technologies. This concept is particularly helpful for the visually challenged people, as it uses Google maps and an app that helps the wearer to reach from one destination to another with the help of vibrations. Once the wearer reaches the destination mentioned on the app, they get vibration alert in the left shoe if they are supposed to turn left and the right shoe vibration indicates the right turn. The small module installed in the heel of the shoe gives all vibration alerts. The module and the shoes are connected via Bluetooth to the Smartphone of the wearer. Besides the path direction feature, the Vibrating Shoes also measure the calories burnt by you and display the results on your Smartphone. These shoes will be available in black and red colors, and in case you do not want the shoes then you can get the vibrating module installed in the shoes you already have.

 Pioneer headlight shoes

Pioneer headlight shoes

Wow! Shoes with headlights. This is a funky, brilliant design created by Feijun Chen and Bin Zhao. Pioneer headlight shoes are perfect to illuminate your path while walking in dark. The range of headlights is pretty good, as it lights around five feet area in front of you. The battery design of Pioneer shoes is really unique, as the battery gets charged using kinetic energy produced by your footsteps. Besides the headlight, this concept has a cute green colored tail light as well. Pioneer headlight shoes can prevent accidents, as the driver can easily see the wearer walking on a dark road.

 Shoe Charger

New Shoe Charger Charges Cellphone with Nanogenerator System via Kinetic Energy

Battery drain is too annoying when you are out in a place with no access to charging system. But I guess not anymore, as this amazing concept of shoe charger is on its way to become a reality soon. The charger is a nanogenerator system that transforms your movement into kinetic energy. It is like, whenever your mobile runs out of battery while you are on the street, simply take off the lid from the charger attached to the shoes and plug in the USB cable to charge your phone.

Murata walking measurement system

Smartshoes with Murata walking measurement system 

This is a beautiful concept that is especially helpful for sports inclined people. Shoes with pressure sensor and wireless module embedded in the sole, which works as a walking measurement system. Be it walking, running, or golfing, the sensor will track the shift in weight of the shoe wearer. The data recorded will then be sent to the wearer’s Smartphone via Bluetooth technology.



The next big thing coming from the house of Apple would probably be iShoes. The concept of iShoes is to send alert to the wearer when the shoes need a replacement. The iShoes would let the wearer know when to replace them, and there are some other features also that iShoes will have. The alert would be a beep or a flashing light that the wearer will get on iPhone or iPad.

Google Shoes

Google Shoes

Google leaves no stone unturned in order to surprise people, and this time the element of surprise are the Google Shoes, which bring Android to your feet. These are the talking shoes that can inspire and motivate you to walk. The YesYesNo Company and Studio 5050 headed by Zachary Lieberman and Despina Papadopoulos have joined hands to make these smart shoes. The sneakers are high-tops with an accelerometer, Bluetooth, gyroscope, and two speakers embedded in both tongues. The concept feels good but the sneakers cannot stand water contact.

 GPS Alarm Shoes for Sex Workers

GPS alarm shoes

This particular concept is designed for the safety of call girls. Platforms, that has a built-in audible alarm that is meant to ward off attackers. Once the alarm gets triggered, the police get a message regarding a call girls’ position and they can arrive or send help as soon as possible. Data transmission technology that has been used in these smart shoes is the APRS (Automatic Packet Reporting System).

Although the above mentioned Smartshoes are just concepts being worked upon, but it is not so far that these concepts will actually be available for us all and will surely make our lives much more comfortable and convenient.