A selection of stylish, space saving modular furniture for your home

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Lack of living space is one of the problems that urban dwellers have to grapple with everyday. The basic traditional furniture takes up lot of floor space and moving them from one place to another is always difficult. To solve space problems designers have come up with amazing modular and multipurpose furniture for your living spaces. We list some of the interesting and intriguing ideas here.

 Container modular storag by Alain Gilles

The Container

Alain Gilles has designed a storage unit called Container, which is super flexible and can be used in multiple ways that can be totally different. Several storage compartments of varying size and appearance can be interchanged to form media storage unit or dressing unit according to your needs. The multiple MDF containers have been made with different durable materials and they are all arranged on top of a sturdy base made of elm.

 ReStyle by James Howlett


If your budget and living space both are small in proportion then opt for the beautiful modular design called ReStyle. James Howlett has created a unique modular design, which has many different furniture components that can be used as one or many. By arranging the different parts of this unit you can create a coffee table, two separate tables and chairs, storage units, book shelves, desk and chair, TV and Gaming console unit, small protected playground unit for kids, and small dining table for the toddlers. ReStyle can be styled and arranged in any manner that suits your requirements and it is made with sustainable materials.



Multiplo is another very innovative, multipurpose modular furniture unit, which is ideal for cramped living spaces and small apartments. The lightweight modular unit just needs to be folded using few quick moves to transform it into a sofa from a bed. It can also be turned into a sitting zone, table or separated to make a bed for two, side table and comfortable chair. Moving it from one side of the room to another is not at all difficult and it performs the role of different furniture items throughout the day.

 Solaris Table

Solaris Table

The systematic, orbital movements of the planets and other heavenly bodies have inspired jewelry designer Lara Bohinc to collaborate with Lapicida, which is a company that specializes in stones.  Together the eminent organizations have created the praiseworthy Solaris Table made of four round marble discs. The edges of the marble discs are brass plated for a sleeker look. Each of the discs has a brass dish. The discs are arranged vertically and can move around the axis. When the discs are open, the diameter of the table becomes 69 inches. This beautiful and grand design will suit living room of any proportion perfectly. It is priced at $40,045.

 Ilo by Carmela Niederhauser & Nadine Grau


Designers Carmela Niedrhauser and Nadine Grau have created Ilo, a piece of multipurpose and modular furniture for babies, toddlers and teens. Kids grow up pretty fast and with their changing needs, parents have to change the furniture in their rooms. To put an end to this inconvenience, and the costs that come with it, Ilo was created. This furniture is capable of being separated and transformed into different furniture units that kids of all ages and even teens can use for years. By changing the separate components of Ilo, you can make crib or bed and multiple storage units. Ilo evolves with your children and transforms itself to be suitable for them.

 Accordion folding cook table

Accordion folding cook table

Modular kitchen is a necessity of urban living spaces. They are multifunctional and offer sufficient storage. The Accordion Folding Cook Table designed by Olga Kalugina takes the word multifunctional to a new level. It has accordion like design and there are small, triangular storage units between the different modules. On the left and right ends, there are sliding drawers for holding kitchen tools and utensils. Users can turn the drawer covers upwards to use them as cooking prep boards. The transparent covers tell you what is inside the storage units.

 Flood by UNOAUNO Studio


UNOAUNO Studio created the Flood for participating in 2011 Cristalplant Design Competition. They used a patented composite material Cristalplant for making the eye-catching and unique Flood, which can be configured in multiple different ways. The acrylic polymers, pure polyester and natural mineral made Flood has a glossy and attractive appearance.