Stratos: Single tool for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome surgery

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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome surgery
Carbon, a full-service product development consultancy has come up with a revolutionary tool leveraging a groundbreaking cannula (a tube that can be inserted into the body). They call it Stratos™, an all-in-one surgical device for endoscopic carpal tunnel release. Millions around the world are affected with Carpal tunnel syndrome, in which patients median nerve is compressed between the bones of wrist and the ligament at the base of the palm.
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome surgery

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome surgery
It is treated by a small surgery dividing the ligament in order to release the pressure of nerve. This may sound easy but it is a cumbersome process, which has been done blindly till now and require multiple attempts in most of the case to correctly position the cannula within the tunnel. Which involved long process and staff and still inefficient.
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome surgery

This tool solves all the problems leading to a faster, safer and efficient surgery. During development process A. M. Surgical expertise was taken.

It consists of three parts:

1)      Elevated tip of the cannula:  Used for preparing the underside of the ligament.

2)      Button: There is a button present on the rear portion that allows surgeons to couple and decouple the scope with ease.

3)      Paddle: It enables surgeons to switch quickly between scope, scraper, and blade without taking their hand off the device.
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome surgery


So to conclude Stratos is an extraordinary, all-in-one disposable medical device that simplifies carpal tunnel release surgery, making the technique quicker and stress-free to master. Most importantly once inserted till the exit, the surgeon operating on you will have complete vision of the surgical field at all times.