Flow, Taiwan Contemporary Chair created from interwoven bamboo strips

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 interwoven bamboo strips

Bamboo chairs are back in trend with a state-of-the-art design or rather call it out-of-world design, as when you see one you may not even figure out it’s a chair. Flow designed by Cheng-Tsung-Feng and crafted artist by Kao-Min Chen, two Taiwanese designers came up with this sculptural lounge chair for the Taiwan Craft Research Institute. Chair name is inspired from its look itself, “light and free as clouds that can calm the mind”.
 interwoven bamboo strips


Chair is entirely made up of Bamboo strips and the rigidity is maintained by the lightness of materials. The whole craft is composed of three single bamboo tubes which have been split at the top and woven to create the seat. The Bamboo balls form the base of chair and the surface of chair is work of handcrafting. The chair is strong yet flexible, can be industrialized without much of investment.

 interwoven bamboo strips

This innovative design is result of designer’s idea to find a new working with bamboo and according to them:

Flow is half made by the craftsman and half by machinery. Each piece has its artistic charm and is unique.”
According to critics Flow may be the spark in furniture industry to come up with breathtaking interior designs using the natural material and the modern industrial technique.

Cheng-Tsung Feng