Skin Collection : Turn the waste leather into furniture

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waste leather

Few years back Dutch Studio Pepe Heykoop based in Amsterdam, saw an opportunity of utilizing waste leather and using all the fragments to create a new dimension to old and existing furniture pieces. The aim was to utilize the 25-20 percent waste produced by the furniture industry.

waste leather

Now Heykoop has rebuilt a house into a small castle to host an installation during inside design Amsterdam, showcasing secondhand or found objects on the street, the series of pieces that are modified and then covered in pieces of leather leftovers.

leather leftovers.

‘The discarded leather from factories are usually a result of things such the organic shape of the animal, its scratches, damages, scars and faded tones after dying,’ says heykoop, ‘this project is fed by the nature of the scrap pieces – sewn together into random patterns – informed by cell structures and growth in nature.’

Turn the waste leather into furniture


When you seem the furniture for the first time it may seem quite unorganized, seems to look like they have been layered with plaster or clay; they seem unfinished and unpolished. The reality is the complete opposite. They are finished, they are polished.

Skin Collection

This technique also provides new ways to combine different furniture pieces and bind them as one with leather.

skin made out of waste


You would think the pieces are going through major surgery and projecting new combinations through one skin. The whole process is done by hand. It merges discarded objects with a skin made out of waste as well.

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