GoSun Portable Solar Oven: Cook whatever and wherever you want!

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GoSun Portable Solar Oven
We have always dreamt of using free and clean energy supplied by sun to cook our food but because most of the solar ovens in the market are large and not very efficient, solar cooking hasn’t been very widely adopted.
But recently GoSun has come up with portable highly efficient solar stove that can heat up quickly and efficiently, as well as hold the heat in during cloudy intervals.

Designed for simplicity, durability, and mobility. GoSun offers a convenient, user friendly package for our fast paced lives. The GoSun is as simple in principal as it is powerful, effectively retaining 90% of all sunlight that enters its reflectors. The technology relies on the principles of parabolic reflection, evacuation (for it insulating value) and the Greenhouse effect, to make the most advanced solar cooking device to date.

– GoSunStove
GoSun Portable Solar Oven
The tube-shaped GoSun portable solar oven is able to reach temperatures as high as 550 degrees, weighing in at just 3.5 pounds, has adjustable parabolic reflectors to focus the sun’s rays on the cooking tube, which is an evacuated tube (similar to a Thermos). The device, which is 24 inches long and can be set up in seconds, and is said to be able to cook simple meals or heat water in as little as ten minutes, with a capacity of three pounds of food or 50 oz in liquids.
The central cooking tube made from borosilicate glass and lined with copper, stainless steel and aluminum nitrile, which improves its heat absorption and conduction. A vacuum beneath the surface of the tube insulates the interior to create a thermos-effect, allowing the tube to remain hot enough to continue cooking even when clouds move in to cover the sun.