The Super Rich Hybrid Luxurious Yacht

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Are planning to invest a fortune on something that leaves you feeling like “Poseidon”? Then think again, “Motion Code: Blue” an Austrian industrial design studio has designed a super luxury Yacht one of its kind futuristic transportation “yacht-submarine hybrid” that has been named after formidable albino humpback whale. The Migaloo has been designed to satisfy the urge of the riches to possess something different and unique. Though this billionaire’s toy is still at the concept stage but has been planned with cinema room, swimming pool, six decks, library, gym, lounges and helipad.


The price yet has not been quoted but this revolutionary design will come with pressure proof glass and classy finish and features that would defiantly cost a fortune. The size of this grand toy is 11 meters similar to that of present day submarine. The behemothic deck of Migloo comprises of spacious lounging area, a helipad, a bar, swimming pool and big space for sun bath. When It is submerged, the furniture on the deck is stored in a huge storage area under the deck and the floor of the swimming pool rises up to the level of the deck. The two hatches on Migloo can be converted into gigantic beach and provides access to water.

The yacht has pressure proof glass windows that give the riders magnificent view of the ocean when this fantbaolous machine is submerged in the sea, surely with remarkable underwater lights. Migloo is equipped with most astonishing and well tested technology to provide smooth and hassle free navigation and communication.



Via: Bornrich