“ORB” A new way to fashion technology

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“Fashion is something barbarous, for it produces innovation without reason and imitation without benefit”. The ‘Orb’ is a Bluetooth device that can be worn as a ring. The product is collectively designed by “AbsolutelyNew” and “Hybra Advanced Technology” two of the leading consumer product companies. O.R.B can be converted into Bluetooth headset as well as can be worn as a ring.

Orb is embodied with HiWave™ technology. Orb is a “Digitset™” that provides users never before hands free experience. It has high quality bone conduction audio that means users don’t have to place the device inside the ear.

The product is launched in two versions- regular version and deluxe version. The regular version is priced at $129 and the deluxe version is priced around $175. the deluxe version is fitted with E Ink display to offer features like Caller ID, calendar reminders and text messages. Customers are also provided with the option to embed a gemstone in the ring.

The ambrosial design gives a classy look in the fashion dialect when worn as a ring. To use the gadget as a Bluetooth device, users only have to detach Orb from their fingers to twist open the hinge that can be effortlessly placed on the upper part of the ear. The device have dual speaker, utilizes voice annihilation DSP technology to provide rupture- free voice transmission.

ORB comes in different sizes and styles for both men and women with the expansion hinge and other accessories, which provides comfortable fit on the finger as well as the ear.


Via: Electricspocket