Magnificence of Free Form Lamps By John Procario

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“Design is the contrast of the core of limitations therefore there are no boundaries. It is simply an interpretation of creativity”. American designer John Procario has designed these sculptural timer lamps that have gained popularity within no time.

The lamps have been made by joining two strips of ash or white-oak, without using the moulds, allowing wood to shape naturally, thus, no two lamps are same.

“The idea for the lamps began by thinking of wood as a metaphor for the body,” the designer quotes. “Wood will bend comfortably to a point, then break; just like a bone or muscle, wood has its limit.”


The method used to make these beautiful lamps is steam bending. Steam bending is a method where thin strips of wood are put into a steam box so the fibres of the wood loosen up and becomes flexible. Procario then shape and stratify the strips together to form a hard and rigid object.

“I use ash wood or white oak because the fibres in these woods have really strong natural glue bonds, which make them very flexible,” said Procario.

For light a flexible LED strip is instilled in the inner portion of wooden strip which is attached with an adhesive and Plexiglass has been molded over the LED strip to spread out the light’s intensity.

Via: Flexi