Add a Classy Touch with the Antique Mechanical Light by the Ukraine Designer Julia Kononenko

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mechanical light Lightning has a crucial impact on the look and feel of any room. Regardless of the fact that if your room is filled with best in class furniture in case if the lightning in the room is wrong all the other things inside the room will appear to be horrifying. When it comes to your house an antique mechanical light can actually change the overall mood of your office or house and make it a better place to live in.

The starting point in the incarnation of the project were the scales of the Soviet Union : Mechanical light

The starting point in the incarnation of the project were the scales of the Soviet Union : Mechanical light

An amazing and antique innovation by the Ukraine designer Julia Kononenko’s is the Mechanical light. The initiative for the materialization of this project was driven by the scales of the Soviet Union. This artistic design by Julia is likely to be powered by the muscle power of the user and thus it will not require the users to replace the batteries or requires the users to recharge the batteries through any electrical power supply. In order to generate the required power in this Mechanical Light you will have to squeeze the handle down or shake the light itself. The technique through which energy is stored in this Mechanical light is completed different which makes it a unique innovation.

The functionality and form of this Mechanical Light is just ideal for being used as a desk lamp for school going kids. This Mechanical Light design by  Kononenko’s  is based on the lever principle and makes the best use of the principle of balance .An antique desk lamp or light that not only covers your workplace but as well has an attractive shape  which makes it a must have in your child’s room to add  to the appeal of their room. Not only this you can make your office working environment passionate just by giving this mechanical light some room on your office desk.

Mechanical light : office desk, becoming a kind of zest working environment

 teetering on the brink of light and shadow : Mechanical light

So what are you waiting for if you want to chase away the darkness in your room and pave way for bright light and shadow then go grab this Mechanical Light and add lightning to your house or workplace!!!