Preface to Julia Kononenko’s Electric Water Design

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Electric Water Design

Ukraine’s famous designer Julia Kononenko’s from Kharkiv has designed this preeminent Electric Water object as a part of her new project and this simply is amazing Electric Water object that is specifically meant for Public Places.
Electric Water Design
This unique and distinct object signifies various incompatible concepts and has been crafted with the following things:

1)      A Container for placing Liquid Soap

2)      A Mixer

3)      Floor Washstand

4)      Drain Holes for Draining Water

5)      Plug and Rosette

This object designed by Julia is a complete combination of water and electricity which is definitely on the warpath and life threatening. This design by Julia is an artistic game of mind and helps people see ordinary objects from various angles with novel emotions for all the day to day use things.
Electric water

Electric Water Design

In order to use this object certain simple pipe connections need to be done and it will be easy for you to get instant hot water at the faucet. By having this object installed one need not waste gallons of water down the drain and wait with significant amount of patience for the hot water to emerge from the faucet. This object designed by Julia Kononeko’s can be used under sink and this object will provide hot water to all the low flow fixtures inside the house such as kitchen sinks, bathroom sinks, etc.

Electric Water DesignThis object can find extensive use in Public Restrooms and as well several other applications. This object is a great saving in terms of money and in conservation of natural resource and definitely an add on to the standard and luxurious lifestyle. The cost of installing these units is pretty less and with ease of use everybody would be interested to have this Electric Water object by Julia installed at their place and this object has become a power of choice.