The Russian Seashell House is simply awesome

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The Russian Seashell House just looks to be an excellent way to live the dream of being around mermaids, sitting on sea shells and playing with the water. This fantastic house rightly justifies its name and is a true tribute to the mystic and vast sea from a crazy admirer.

Built with three levels, each level of the house represents, floor of ocean, water surface, and sky. Natural light enter through the fine glass bay windows and a 7-meter high stained glass window and illuminate the top most level, which is the bedroom with a bathroom. bclc keno winning numbers live Flow down to stairs to one of the world’s most creative and colorful living room along with a kitchen and bathroom for guests. Sofas feel like seashells on the bed of ocean. The walls, roof, and floors are all absorbed in one shape without any parting lines. You’ll also find a unique pyramid shaped fireplace that sucks the smoke downwards.

Amazingly, bottom is more like a private hive or office space, where one can find peace and relax on a handmade bed with water mattress surrounded by sea anemone lamps. keno bclc

The walls and ceilings change color depending on the shade of light. That’s because, they are decorated with chameleon coat. The bathroom, trimmed by glass and1-cm mosaics of 32 different colors, is no less charming. keno winning numbers bc

This wonderful 228 square meter Russian SeaShell home is located in the Tavatuy community in the Sverdlovsk region of Russia and was designed by ArchStudia Vega bc keno draws.

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