The Heart of The District hotel by ZA Architects

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We can’t call it much sustainable, but ‘The Heart of The District hotel” by ZA Architects can be considered as a clever idea to use the space above the surface between two parallel buildings in urban areas through a fabulous looking architectural structure. The design is proposed at New York, 23 street,100-130 to serve as a hotel. The hanging pathways support the whole structure, which connects the nearby residential and commercial buildings to The Heart of The District too. Lots of activities are enclosed inside the whole structure such as a playground, shop, exhibition space, café, bar, hotel reception, lounge zone, small cinema, library, and a conference hall.

That’s good enough to have fun for both, local visitors and tourists, as the hotel doesn’t have its own private service and rather used mutually by citizens and outsiders. That means anyone can use the gym, bar, etc. There are four levels of building or say it’s a four-story design and each level encloses various facilities mentioned above.
The idea is to provide a hotel organization that helps you blend into the cityscape and life in it. People would get in touch with each other within these tight spaces and that would help a lot in developing a healthy social environment. The view from inside The Heart of The District hotel would give you a collective view of city life.

However, we wonder that the architects were already in hunt for available spaces in cities and now even the spaces between buildings are too on their mind. There is nothing specific, which can be labeled as a sustainable measure. The present scenario asks for sustainability in almost anything you do or build. Especially, if humanity wants to avert burning in the heat of global warming.

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