Sereno Armchair lets you sit in the lap of Lord Budha

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While using the inspiration from meditating posture of Lord Budha for their new armchair design, 21st living art forgot to consider the religious beliefs of the people regarding Lord Budha. Yes right, the images shows a seating design that tempts you with its spiritual appeal by letting you sit in the lap of Lord Budha. The Sereno chair is constructed using recyclable polyethylene and therefore is a bit friendly to environment.

The chair glows with the help of lights inside the design as if it’s really enlightening. We found the story on a geek blog, which depicts the chair as spiritually appealing, but the comments on the article make it sound blasphemous. The readers are looking at it as an insulting and destructing act that brings disgrace to Lord Budha. For them Lord Budha should not be related with armchairs. Specially, when that sexy model has been shown sitting on it. What’s your take on this?