Odd but incredible Wearable Sculptures by Tracy Featherstone

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Wearable sculptures created out of wood, strings, collage and fiber are a bit odd to design, but designer Tracy Featherstone has done it somehow. The purpose of these sculptures is a bit complex to accept as according to Tracy, these wearable sculptures create an illusion of being able to achieve control and order over the chaos of life . The materials, which are mostly used for creating living environment such as furniture or architecture, are materialized to form portable wearable sculptures. That’s the inspiration behind the design too. It’ll be difficult to wear them actually, but the designing such curvy structures from stiff objects, which follow the shape of your body parts an eventually finds a place to fit in, are complex to design.

Have a look at some of the wearable sculptures and enjoy the odd blend of fashion, architecture and furniture. Catch the details of material and dimensions of each of these sculptures on designer’s personal website.