Cuckoo Clock by Stefan Hepner: A traditional pendulum clock with modern design

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As usual, we found a very creative clock design that’ll make your interiors look elegant and eye catching. The Cuckoo Clock by Stefan Hepner is another design, which brings the traditional pendulum timepiece back in modern style. if you remember, then we had covered an incredible pendulum clock designed by Nuno Teixeira, which was equally nostalgic design and blended with the modern style. We might not need them to check time in the modern lifestyle, but to decorate the interiors and for that reason, the basic inventions will keep coming in modern designs.

Anyway, the Cuckoo Clock is made of cast resin with quartz movement and metal parts, it measures 35″ x 13″ and is handmade in Brooklyn, NY. You can buy one for $585 USD.