Thomas Schnur’s Forest Chair design is philosophical

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Forest Chair is an ambitious project inspired from the presence of natural shapes and designs. It’s more than a simple chair design and the designer Thomas Schnur highlights hidden symbolism around us. It’s a deep thought and may be you’ll get a better idea if you read designers own words.

There are many objects produced in the forests and villages with raw tree trunks. Usually, the basic shapes of these creations serve a practical purpose. In our industrialised societies, these objects from the forest appear particularly raw and solid, but also totally suited, even idyllic.

The forest chair is has a unique raw look for it’s composed of simple wood and not much carving or artistic work has been done to make it extra decorative. The Forest Chair uses wooden logs piled one over other, which supports a horizontal seating sheet and a vertical resting sheet attached to the whole structure. The chair looks rather lovely space saving seating, which measures only 45x35x x 85cm and would look great in any corner of your house of office. However, designer seems to have created it with a philosophical aspect in mind instead of a good space saving chair as seating.

Designer Thomas Schnur