The Cloud House: An awesome house designed by McBride Charles Ryan

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If you are not able to chose a creative design your next house, then you must take a look at The Cloud House built at Melbourne, Australia. This Edwardian style house looks mundane from the façade that works as a contrast to its backyard. Enter through the backyard and you would literally assume that you watched a cloud on the ground. The designer McBride Charles Rya designed the walls and floor in such a way that the house appears to be a cloud and the swimming pool in front of it adds to the illusion.

The Cloud House was designed in three parts and it’s a common house design with one living room, dining room, and kitchen. What make it a special are its extruding walls, which joins the floor seamlessly. However, the kitchen is designed in the center and works as a common center point, which is accessible from other space. The interiors are mostly in white shade except that red colored kitchen in the center. The combination of white and red makes the interiors marvelous.

Moreover, the house can save some electricity for you because the natural ventilation is maximum and the design allow enough sun light to enter into the house. The Cloud House is a fine example of craftsmanship utilized to design the curved extruding walls to give the house the shape of a typical cloud, mostly seen in the sketchbook of a kid or in toons and this makes it one cool house design with playful interiors.