Sustainable Red Cedar Wood traditional Sauna designs from Almost Heaven Sauna

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While searching for some good Sauna designs, we stopped at Sauna Supply World, an online quality saunas shop. Their traditional Sauna designs really impressed us and we thought, we should share it with our readers. There are five wooden Saunas in their traditional design collection, which looks perfect for a room in the home or backyard. You can have a relaxing steam bath in your personal Sauna. Isn’t it wonderful to have the benefits of traditional steam sauna at your home? Sauna or a steam bath have many benefits and it’s advised to asthma patients to use saunas as it’s good for respiratory system. It makes you sweat, clears your skin, enhance complexion, open your skin holes and the most, make you feel relaxed even if you are dead tired. Anyway, here are the five fantastic wooden sauna designs from Almost Heaven Sauna. All the models are made from Canadian Western Red Cedar wood and best lumber harnessed mostly from sustainable sources so that the trees don’t suffer for your luxury. Moreover, all the Saunas are perfect for both, indoor and outdoor placement. All models requires 20v, 30 amp of electricity, feature tempered and tinted full glass door with self-closing hinges, heaters and fasteners.

Greenbrier Valley Western Red Cedar Barrel Sauna

The Greenbrier is one of the most popular feature in Saunas and the present model is created from solid wood of Canadian Western Red Cedar, like all other Sauna Models and is equipped with almost everything mandatory for labeling it as a luxury barrel Sauna and for that it will cost you $3,999.

Almost Heaven Western Red Cedar Barrel Sauna

This one too, is a barrel sauna and like the previous one, it’s created from Solid Cedar and interior features Finnish style heater, light for suitable ambiance, cedar heater guard, robe hook and will cost you $4,049 only

Almost Heaven Western Red Cedar Canopy Barrel Sauna

This one is canopy styled and offers options for variety in designs. Canopy Barrel Suana comes in 6×6 and 6×8 dimensions,. It’s little more expensive than the earlier one – $4,499.

Almost Heaven Western Red Cedar Modern Home Sauna

With a more traditional design, this one provides rectangular space, which is more comfortable and spacious arrangement for a group Sauna. It comes in 4×6 and 6×6 sizes with same features as mentioned in the previous models. However, the price again jumped a bit and for this one, it’s $5,099

Almost Heaven Western Red Cedar Silo Sauna

Silo Sauna comes in vertical barrel design with same features, but offers limited space as compared previous models, which is most desired for private sauna experience. The price has dropped to $4,349. for this model.

Sauna Supply World offers modern Sauna designs and you can find more details on their website if you feeling to esquire more about their offers.