Sustainable Ara Greens multigenerational residential community mimics rhizomic growth

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Designing an architectural masterplan is great deal in terms of both, time as well as efforts. So, it’s obvious to wonder when we come across something like “Ara Greens multigenerational residential community”. The community based sustainable architecture inspired from Rhizomic Growth. It’s not only a sustainable masterplan, but also it’ll serve next three generation with same green architecture. Not much details available about how actually the Rhizomic Growth works, but otherwise, you can expect an underground botanical phenomenon at work busy growing new buds from the existing one and then shoot them above the ground, which become a full grown unit later.

Ara Greens, designed by WOW architects, is suggested to be built in Petaling Jaya, Malaysia. This sustainable masterplan is meant to provide green living for three generations housed in planned 117,115 residential and 20,295 commercial units spread in an area of 130,040 square meters. Community members living green in urban environment would get every service necessary for the growth of a healthy society. Social & physical therapies are among the top priorities to ensure mental and physical fitness of members. The developer has made provision of special services to ensure that the green lifestyle and healthy society are sustained for all three generations, which is the lifespan for Ara Greens.

Let’s hope this wonderful sustainable masterplan would become a reality and promote green living, which is badly needed for a world running out of energy and vegetation.

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