Public toilets at Wellington’s waterfront by Studio Pacific Architecture

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These two giant sea creatures are actually the public toilets at Synergy Plaza in the Kumutoto, Wellington’s waterfront. The design and shape suggests two creatures with giant tails and instantly attracts attention. Studio Pacific Architecture was assigned the job to design the public toilets at Wellington’s waterfront and they came out with a design, which pays homage to the shipping history of the waterfront through two creative crustaceans.

The organic form of the design has been shaped from concrete and the brick red shade of the nearby homes was adapted through printed metal rainscreen to make it a part of the whole environment of the spot. These two designs are visually distinct and would attract anyone due to their asymmetrical curvy design. Such a design definitely makes them odd structures among linear housing designs. Tails are in cantilever position and their open ends are designed for natural ventilation.

Well, not everyone gets a chance to pee inside an sculptural toilet. Therefore, just enjoy the organic form and natural inspiration of the design and wish you would soon get a Godzilla toilet in your city.