Play-A-Grill – Tongue Controlled MP3 Player is now available

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You have probably heard about the Play-A-Grill, brainchild of artist Aisen Chacin, earlier too. But at that time it wasn’t actually for sale. There is not much to talk about the Play-A-Grill, Tongue Controlled MP3, which is now available in the market, but it deserves appreciation for being one of the weirdest things designed. The MP3 is functional and it’s not a joke that it is controlled using the tongue. There are control button provided like as in normal MP3 Player and and the sound is transmitted via bone conduction. That means not speakers or headphones.

However, why anyone would put the MP3 player inside the mouth, except or the fact that it’s meant to help the disabled. May be, it’s designed for listing music during a class, conference, or boring meetings, without being noticed. Further, you are not feeling like to tolerate your guests, you can use it with a smile on the face. In nutshell, we couldn’t find a valid reason for what it has been designed for and it’s totally weird. But, one good thing that it proves is that human can create anything, which can be.