Orsos floating Island: An ultimate eco-luxurious destination coming in 2013

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Designing a floating luxury island requires vision and Gabor Orsos seems to have it very well. The 1000m² Orsos project floating on the waters, is the proof of his futuristic and ethical vision for luxurious real estate. Orsos’s floating island have already received may offers and bids. The maximum was $3 million from a bidder and this price has been assumed to be appropriate for this marvelously designed island on waters.

The Orsos is not just luxurious, but much more than that. The entire island includes luxurious living for 12 people, 4 workers. There are 6 luxury double bedroom suits with ensuite bathrooms, a bar, BBQ are, Jacuzzi, storage for motorsports, and a wonderful main deck offering a sunbath on the loungers. The island design includes measures for renewable energy generation, for which 20m² area has been covered with photovoltaics and some noiseless wind turbine on other parts of deck. Including wind turbines is a great advantage and a wise step as these can generate electricity at night too.

The inclusion of plantation in the design makes it aesthetically appealing and ecofriendly. The manufacturing of this luxurious Orsos floating island has already began in Hungary and Germany and it’ll provide a great alternative to earlier proposed hundred million islands. You can expect the completion in 2013 and at the end of the year, it’ll be available actually for buying. If you have millions and want some contentment in life, which you think is missing in spite of your holiday tours even to the best places in world, buy the Orsos.

It’s the first time that a huge luxury project is so near to the actual production and like other tempting concept designs, Orsos does not only exists in illustrations, but being built to take the tourism and luxury to the next level. The happy news is that designers are now thinking about giving other audience the access of luxury, which otherwise was in the reach of billionaires only.