New Ceramic Pendant Lamps by Hikaru Yajima

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In one of our previous articles, we had introduced you to Mr. Lamp, a multipurpose lamp cum coat hanger. Today we have a beautiful lighting design for your sweet home, which you’ll sure appreciate, especially, if you like ceramic pendant lamps. A home with great interiors is a common desire for anyone and now the web have extended the range of varieties of objects like lamps, clocks, and seating designs. We want not anything stylish, but the very best of the lamp designs to enhance our interiors with effective lighting. A popular trend in lighting designs is that of ceramic lamps.

You must have seen the most stylish pendant lamps, but I bet, recently unveiled TOU-LIGHT ceramic lamps, designed by Japanese designer Hikaru Yajima, are more than just stylish ceramic pendant lamps. According to the designer, these pendant lamps have the flavor of soil and is the result of his two years of experiments with ceramic materials. The design and shade would create a very mild and pleasant environment inside the home. It’ll not be wrong, if we consider them most elegant designs in ceramics from a Japanese designer. These lamps comes with 110 cm cord and require 60W socket to get power for the LED bulbs hidden inside the beautiful ceramic cocoon . The lamps look great even at daytime, rather, it’s quite charming to see the shade of lamps changing when the lights are turned on. There are more details on the manufacturer page, which our readers would have to translate from Japanese to English. If you can make something out of the google translation, then you can hope to read more details.

With their recent entry into the production phase, these beautiful modern pendant lamps are available if your heart fell for these marvelous lamp designs. These ceramic pendant lamps come in two sizes, big and small. The bigger one will cost you a good amount of 24,150 yen (approximately $300) and the small one is available for 19,950 yen (approximately $247).

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