Meet Blue Experience : A very long Facebook phone with Instagram button

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We found the Blue Experience, a phone dedicated to all those who are almost obsessed with Facebook. It’s long, actually too long and therefore, it does look a bit odd as most of the handsets in the market pay attention to the width instead of length.

Anyway the cellphone design looks fabulous in that blue colored aluminum casing (17.5 cm x 5.5cm) and includes special Like button too. The design includes an Instagram button, a special button to access messages, and embedded Spotify . And, of course, how can the Facebook phone miss a camera. Therefore, a camera at the back of the mobile with LED flash light has been included. The dazzling display is optimized for the new Facebook core app OS and viewable even when the phone is placed flat on the table. An internal speaker output and a headphone connection are available with ear-speaker at the back.

However,there is just one problem: it’s too long and therefore, it looks fabulous in images and not in the hand.