Istvan Puskas, a Hungarian man, rides his amazing homemade Wooden Chopper

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Homemade wooden bikes are not new and many have built some good bikes out of just wood. However, we rarely see a bike made entirely from wood, which you can actually ride. Istvan Puskas, a tractor driver and an amateur mechanic, lives in Tiszaros, 100 miles east of Budapest. Istvan designed and built a working chopper completely from black Locust wood, much to the amazement of people who watched him ride his wooden wonder. Each part is of this wooden chopper designed and assembled painstakingly at their exact positions. Even for the fuel tank, he used a wooden barrel, which blends to the overall design add to the marvelous looks of the chopper too. Moreover, not many would have a bike with such a beautiful use of cow horns. Istvan used cow horns as handlebar and exhaust, and some deer horns for beautification of his wooden chopper.

This 52 years old motorcycle enthusiast borrowed a gasoline engine from an old Fiat, said to be built in Poland and achieved enough displacement. Istvan’s homemade wooden chopper might lack the comfort of a luxury motorcycle, but still it’s different and unique.