Freetow-n is a minimalist electric urban mobility design

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As an addition to the popular trends of portable personal mobility , we found a very special adorable design on Eugénie Pfeil’s portfolio page. We contacted him and he shared with us his unique portable electric mobility solution, provided extra images and permission to publish this article on Desigcot. The designer Eugénie Pfeil, in collaboration with his two friends, Thomas Defossez and Clément Besème, designed Freetow-n concept based on the discussion and problems citizens shared with them.

Freetow-n is not something you can sit on and ride; rather it’s a power arm that pulls you forward when you are wearing the roller shoes or your personal skates. The rider can control the direction using the handle bar. The arm seems to be assembled in two parts and the upper part slides down into the second lower part when not in use. It makes it easier to carry in a hand anywhere you move. In other words, it’s a device with an electric assistance integrated in the wheel, that’ll drag the weight forward, but not without extra skates. That sure sounds different, sporty and youth oriented. Eugénie assumes it can be very popular among youngsters seeking mobility and fun. The battery can be easily charged with the charging cord included in the device. Also, a digital display on the handle bar accommodates power button with a few extra options that shows you the speed and the charging level.

Such a minimalist mobility device is excellent for short distance visits in crowded urban roads flooded with vehicles prone to stuck in traffic Jams. Moreover, most important aspect of Freetow-n is thFreetow-nat it produces no emissions as it uses electric motor, which is a must consider factor in the present world suffering with energy crisis and global warming. In brief, Freetow-n is a compact mobility solution designed for youth seeking fun and sports.

Thanks Eugénie Pfeil, Industrial Designer bclc keno winning numbers live