EXO15 is the new elegant wooden iPhone 4S case from EXOvault Desings

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Accessories for Apple products are flooding the stores and you can find interesting stuff for your iPhone or iPad. Last time we had collected 11 coolest amplifier designs for you and today we have an awesome wooden case for your iPhone 4S. iPhone case is one of the most looked for accessories for apple products. Therefore, we have brought EXO15, a new wooden iPhone 4S case from EXOvault designs, which not only look luxurious but, provides strong protection to your exotic iPhone 4S.

To ensure toughness, EXO15 is carved out completely from Pau Ferro wood and to add an exotic look, corners are capped with impact resistant brass. Strong stainless steel screws hold the whole cover together and maker provide you with extra screws and screw driver in case you misplace one of those.

In addition, no one likes to compromise with signal reception for style, therefore, EXO15 made sure that it does not disturb reception in anyway. With the passage of time, the brass would gain shine and enhance the looks to make it look like an awesome vintage iPhone 4S cover. All that makes EX15 one of the awesome wooden iPhone cases available, which gives elegant style with strong protection.

EXOvault Designs