Elegant & stylish Tempoo Wall Clock design by Emanuele Cecini

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Earlier, we had seen a Stylish Pendulum Wall Clock by designer Nuno Teixeira, which was an irresistible temptation for all those who take interest in decorating home interiors and find pleasure in collecting unique household items. Once more, we found a concept design, which looks like a cool and stylish alternative to your usual wall clock.

Tempoo Wall Clock comes from the creative mind of German industrial designer Emanuele Cecini. The wall clock has been designed by assembling two separate circles, inner and outer, which remain in constant motion. To indicate time, both circles have aluminum profiles, which work as hands of the clock. The inner circle indicates hours and the outer one does the same to show minutes. The clock remains firm on the wall due to a plate placed in the back to provide a strong support. The clock looks elegant on the wall with that aluminum profile on the white shade of the design. Rather. It would be harder for your guests to figure out what it is exactly, unless you tell them it’s a wall clock.

Desinger, Emanuele Cecini, Germany