BMW i Pedelec: A zero emission personal mobility e-bike that folds into almost nothing

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BMW i Pedelec is the new entry among foldable personal mobility concepts we have already seen. However, BMW I Pedelec sounds much more than moving around on an electrically assisted e-bike. Rather, i Pedelec sounds like a perfect complement to BMW i3cConcept. The bike is compact, folds into almost nothing in a second, and becomes handy enough to be carried anywhere. Front and rear wheels use safe disk brakes and body is, as expected, made from aluminum and carbon fiber to keep it light. An electric motor can assist the rider when tired of pedaling and take him up to a distance of 25-40 km. The rider can use three-speed gear hub to control the speed as per the requirement of the route. The bike catch up to a maximum speed of 25 km/h with motor assisted pedaling. When you are riding downhill or using the brakes, the hub in the wheels transfers’ energy to motors.

Otherwise, the bike can be charged through a standard domestic socket available in most of the homes or inside the boot of the BMW i3 Concept. The batteries can be charged without removing them from the sack and makes the task of recharging easier. The battery, when completely empty, takes four hours to get fully charged and 1.5 hours in case of quick charge.

The design and features speaks for the brand itself as BMW i Pedelec is an hi-tech stylish and foldable personal mobility solution, which is a perfect zero emission solution for urban areas. Instead of using a gasoline car to travel 10 miles, it’ll be beneficial in terms of both, money and emissions.

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